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 Short fiction

The Northanger Library

The Northanger Library seeks to make available to researchers critical editions of Gothic texts published in Britain during the 18th and early 19th centuries. These will include not only novels but equally short prose fictions (and collections of these), poems, plays, as well as contemporary essays of relevance to the concept of Gothic literature (as understood in the section The NL Project).

The Northanger Library hopes likewise to edit contemporary texts in other European languages, if and when deemed relevant to our central concerns, and always accompanied by suitable English translations.

The Northanger Library may edit non-Gothic texts if and when they are deemed relevant to the general aims of the NL Project. Such genres as Romantic and Graveyard poetry, slave narrative, or 18th- century philosophical essays may fall within our purview.

Whenever possible, the texts edited will be provided with detailed analysis of such aspects as least lend themselves to interpretation but rather constitute the basic textual data upon which interpretations must build.

Out of respect for the professions, both translation and editing shall receive full acknowledgment on a par with critical commentary.

The Northanger Library is a non-profit undertaking, but a reasonable charge for its use is necessary to maintain its operation and quality. Some of the library materials in PDF format may be made available free of charge for personal or educational use with the author's permission. A special permission will always be required for commercial use. Copyright is vested in both authors (editors, translators, critics) and THE GATEWAY PRESS.

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